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COSO AEC500C Digital  Metal Detector with Flip Plate Reject System
  • COSO AEC500C Digital  Metal Detector with Flip Plate Reject System

COSO AEC500C Digital Metal Detector with Flip Plate Reject System

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    Metal Detector equip with Flip Plate Rejection System . Auto rejected unqualified product . Keep the...

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metal detector

Principle for rejection system: 
As picture shows, Green arrow means moving direction for qualified products; Red arrow shows the falling direction of unqualified products; Bi-directional arrow means the moving direction of reject system when detecting unqualified products containing metallic impurities.

Suitable for bulk, lightweight and easy-falling products; mainly applied to food, pharmaceutical, toys industry etc for automatic online metal detection.

Product features: 
Metal detector adopts air-operated dropleaf reject system which can combine with production lines realizing full automation on online metal detection and automatic rejection on unqualified products.


Product Features:
1. Operating system adopts highly human-oriented and intelligent design and has the function of one-bottom self-learning.

2. Having memory function for 100 kinds of products parameters.

3. Metal detector can automatically detect faults when booting and has the function of prompt, which can effectively eliminate invalid detection.

4. The whole machine adopts modular design and installation, which benefits for assembly and disassembly, having advantages of convenient maintenance and low cost for maintenance.

5. Customization can be provided according to detecting products’ sizes, weight and characteristics in order to achieve best detection results.

6. The automatic conveying system, reject system and control system can be customized according to production line’s features, which can enhance production efficiency.

7. Customization for waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof needs can be provided according to the environment of production line in order to protect usage safety.


metal detectormetal detector

metal detectormetal detector

DB: Width of detector    H1:Height from conveyor belt to the ground
DH:Height of detector H2:Height of whole machine
TB:Passing width           L:Length of conveyor belt
TH:Passing height      W:Width of whole machine

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