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Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce
  • Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce
  • Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce
  • Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce
  • Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce

Pipeline Metal Detector for Sauce

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    The pipeline metal detector with touch screen is a new generation of intelligent metal detection equipme...

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PEC2005G6 series digital intelligent metal detector is a new generation of intelligent metal detection equipment developed by digital intelligent technology. The metal detection technology achieves fully digitalized and intelligent, with excellent performance and simple operation, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. With touch screen, it's more convenient to operation.

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    PEC2005G6 (touch screen version) series pipeline metal detectors are suitable for sauce, chopped meat, sausage and so on. It can detect metal scraps, broken needles, wire, lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metal impurities may be mixed up with products. Helping the related enterprises through HACCP, GMP, FDA, QS, ISO9001 and other certifications.

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a. The operating system uses user-friendly, intelligent design, high-definition 7 inches touch screen, intuitive and convenient. The interface is easy for the staff to operate. The effective information can be obtained without complex operation. 

b. With one button self learning function, the product can be set and remembered automatically through the detection channel according to the set program. The operation is very simple without manual adjustment.

c.With user access log and log data storage and display, the total number of products and the number of defectives storage function. The main interface can display the total production, qualified and defective data separately, date calendar, log traceability.

d. It can clearly reflect the strength of metal foreign bodies’ signal in the products.

e. With the function of 200 kinds of product parameters memory, It can store detect parameters more than 200 kinds of products, when the storage is done, it can be used directly next time, no need to re adjust. The product can be quickly converted on the production line so that it can shorten the setting time maximally.

f. It has the function of automatic fault detection and prompt, which can effectively eliminate invalid detection.

g. Chinese, English and other languages are available.

h. The material of probe adopts of COSO unique material and production process. It has high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, life cycle of 10 year.

i.  The whole machine adopts modular design and assembly. It’s easy to assemble, debug and disassemble, maintenance. Low maintenance costs.

j. It can be customized according to the size, weight and characteristics of the detected products to achieve the best detection effect.

k. Automatic transportation, reject system, control system can be customized according to the features of production line to achieve seamless docking with the production line and improve the production efficiency.

l. According to the environment and safety requirements of the production site, waterproof, dustproof, anti vibration and explosion-proof can be customized to ensure the safety of the equipment.

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