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Garment Metal Detector for Nonwoven Fabrics

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We delivered a garment metal detector to India. The customer's factory produces nonwoven fabrics, which need to be detected. Because in the process of producing, the products may contain broken needles or some other metals. These metals will influence the quality of products and the reputation of company. So, it's important to detect metals. Therefore, metal detector should be used in these kind of industies. 

garment metal detector

It can detect 0.8mm Fe. The sizes of the machine can be customized according to customer's needs. It's suitbale for matching with their machine and production line. 

garment metal detectorgarment metal detector

The control box is relay output, so it can be used on your machine. Also, it has detection lamp. The lamp can show which segment has needles been found. So that users can stop the machine by control box to check the if there are metals been found.

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