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Metal Separator Metal Detector for Pills and Capsules

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Metal separator for pills and capsules. It has high detecting accuracy, it can detect Fe 0.3mm, SUS 0.5mm with 50mm diameter. Our customer has bought one set of metal separator to be used in pharmaceutical industry. 

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They need metal detector to detect metals may contain in their pills or capsules.

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Product features
1.Processing speed can reach about 15000 pellets per minute

2.It can handle a variety of categories of drugs, in order to save space, it take a more compact frame design
3.The food grade PVC material is used in the automatic sorting device;
4.The detection sensitivity is higher than the industry standard, the highest can be detected is greater than the diameter of 0.3mm ball;
5.The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the product, and the number of detection and elimination can be recorded in real time;Manual clear record
6.All stainless steel structure,  waterproof (IP66), anti vibration, strong adaptability to the environment and temperature changes, easy to clean;
7.Modular component replacement, it’s easy to maintain
8.Multi language function selection (Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, etc., other languages can be customized according to demand);

9.Comply with HACCP, GMP, GAMP, FDA, IFS, ISO9001 and other related certification standards

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Welcome to inquire our products! We will offer you suitable machine and best service!

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