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The Operation Manual of NFMC2000 Metal Detector

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Letter to the user:
1. Thank you for purchasing the non - drive needle detector produced by our factory.
2. In order to keep the machine in the best working condition, please use it correctly according to this instruction
3. This instrument may be affected by many factors in the use of the environment, detecting accuracy may also be affected, please note.

Ⅰ. Summary
Our factory is a professional manufacturer of metal detector. The metal detector produced by our factory is widely used in the inspection of cartoon toys.(Software toys, plush toys), Clothes, knitting, bedding, food (Aluminum film packaging), leather, textile and other industries. Used to detect ferromagnetic fragments (such as iron needles, nails, iron sheets, etc) that are lost in raw materials or products. Discovering unsafe factors in time and avoiding economic losses. It plays a great role in the enterprises who is doing export business. The instrument has won the praise of the inspection and quarantine departments and the vast numbers of users.
The metal detector not only has high detecting accuracy, but also has high production efficiency. It can be used in conjunction with the production line and inspect automatically. The detector uses sound and light alarm, automatic reversing or stopping at the same time. It is very convenient and reliable to operate and use.

Ⅱ. Performance Specification

1. Easy to operate and use.
2. It has high detecting accuracy, excellent anti-interference performance and excellent stability.

Ⅲ. Operation
1. When the machine is on the power supply, the main power switch is turned on, the power switch is on and the machine is in working condition.
2. It has ten levels of detecting accuracy and can be adjustable. Adjusting the detecting accuracy button according to your needs.

Ⅳ. Installation and Operation Procedures

1. Installation
①. The instrument is precise, so it is not suitable to work in high temperature and humid environment.
②. Pay attention to the surrounding environment, it is not suitable for having ferromagnetic objects. Such as electric fans, sewing machines and so on. Although it has anti-interference circuits, the ferromagnetic objects should still be avoided. 
③. The machine should be fixed tightly when working, because the shaking or vibration of the instrument may cause false alarm to the instrument.
④. People who operate this machine can not carry anything with ferromagnetic material on them. Such as keys, cell phones, steel rings, calipers, screwdrivers, etc.
2. Operation Procedures
①. Checking if there are sundries, tools on the inspection area.
②. Before each detecting, the sensitivity must be checked once to verify that the machine is normal. Then, it can be used. 
③. When detecting, the inspected items are placed in the detection area for detecting. If there exist broken needles, iron filings, the machine will alarm and the detection lamp will light.
④. Restarting the machine should be light after the operator checks the items that cause the machine alarm. Avoiding strong vibration to make the machine produce false alarm.
⑤. Inspection items should not be too thick, it should be within the specified scope so that the machine can achieve the effective detection of customer requirements. 
⑥. If the machine occurs abnormal sound, it should be stopped at once and checked. Restarting after removal of fault. 
⑦. The probe should be very stable and no items are allowed to be placed on the probe. It is not allowed to use the probe as a resting support.
⑧. The machine is affected by vibration or power supply fluctuation, and an alarm phenomenon happens occasionally. It is a normal phenomenon, not a fault.
⑨. Please pull off the power plug after finishing detecting.
Ⅴ. Specifications
1. Supply Voltage : AC220V    50HZ   ±10%
2. Detection Width: 4000mm    
3. Detecting Accuracy: ten levels adjustable   
4. Detecting Capacity: Fe≥1.2mm (Testing Card)
5. Sizes:4120mm x 180mm x 104mm
6. Weight: about 100kg

Ⅵ. Maintaining

1. When each inspection completed, the detection area, probe should be maintained, removing foreign objects on the machine.
2. The machine does not allow water to be used to clean. To ensure the drying of the detection area, probe, electrical boxes. 
3. Not used for long periods or when the temperature is too high in summer. The probe, detection area, electric box may accumulate moisture. It should be dried before using.
4. Regular inspection of the machine drive parts, refueling, fastening screws. If loose, please tighten.
Ⅶ. Malfunction and Maintenance
The removal of fault shall be confirmed in the case of cutting off the power supply, it should be maintained by qualification electrical personnel or contact us, we will send professionals to repair. 

Ⅷ. Safety Instruction

1. The metal detector adopts single phase (AC 220V) three core type power plug,The power outlet must match it,and reliable grounding protection.(Grounding in accordance with the safety assurance required by the local electric power department).
2. If the user needs to change the fuse and other electrical components, the power must be cut off to prevent electric shock. 
3. In order to ensure the safety of personal and property, when engaged in electrical maintenance must be qualified professionals. 


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